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I've never done yoga before. How difficult is this?

If you do not have any major health concerns, then you should have no problem participating in a Flow State Yoga Class. The class is accessible to everyone and modifications are available if there are certain limitations to mobility and strength.

Do I have to be able to touch my toes? I am not flexible.

Many people are not very flexible. Flexibility is something that may or may not increase with a regular yoga practice. More than likely, you will notice a feeling of more flexibility with continued practice on a consistent basis. Flexibility is not the main goal, nor is it a requirement. There are props such as straps and blocks that will assist in progress and promote safe alignment in the postures.

I have a really bad (insert body part) and I am unsure if yoga will be right for me.

First things first, this yoga teacher is not a doctor so if you have any major health concerns, please consult your physician before starting any exercise program. Having said that, once you have the go ahead from your family doctor or specialist, yoga can be very therapeutic for many ailments. I have seen many people with back issues, tight muscles, sore knees experience improvement with a regular yoga practice. I have also seen people push themselves too far and aggravate some existing conditions. The most important thing that I try to teach in my classes is to listen to your body more than my instruction. If I guide you into a posture that does not feel right for your body, then by all means back out of it and take a break in a resting pose or just wait until we move on to something better suited to your practice.

What if I fart during class?

You might be laughing or wondering why I would put this as a frequently asked question.. but it's a real question that people ask me. Guess what? It happens, you are moving your body into some weird positions, one pose is even called wind removing pose. I think the best way to handle it is to just continue on with your practice and not make a big deal out of it. It can happen to anyone and farting is natural, so don't let it stress you out. If it seems to happen to you all the time, maybe reconsider eating gassy foods close to yoga time.

Can I lose weight doing yoga?

Absolutely! This is not to say that you will, but I have seen many people lose weight from yoga classes a few times a week. Again, the main goal for yoga should not be weight loss, but let's face it, sometimes that is your main goal. There are plenty of ways to burn more calories than hitting the yoga mat for an hour, but if you consider that yoga aims to unite body, mind and spirit, there is a whole lot of awesome to discover in this practice. Once you start taking care of your body and becoming more mindful you may be amazed at how great you feel and how your clothing fits a bit differently. Many people have told me that once they take up yoga as a regular practice, they are more aware of the foods they put in their body and this can have a huge impact on weight loss as well.

How often should I go to yoga?

Every individual will have to decide for themselves how often to go to a yoga class. I do encourage my students to incorporate a regular practice into their lives if possible. Having said that, any yoga is better than no yoga. So if you are super busy and making a committment to one class per week is all that you can do, so be it. My hopes for guiding people include teaching you proper technique and alignment so that you feel confident engaging in a home practice on your own, or with video instruction as well as building a sense of community in the classes at the studio. The more you can make it to yoga or practice yoga at home, the more benefits you will receive.

How much does it cost?

The cost depends again on the amount of yoga that you are looking for and whether or not you want private instruction or group classes. I run special events from time to time that cost may change depending on location and length of class. If you will look at my pricing link you will see the different class packages and drop in rates. Monthly membership to FlowStateYoga includes an online component with access to videos and special discounts on all published pricing.